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Of course you have a lot of questions about how to build your own apps and you are most welcome to contact us. But a faster way could be to see if the answer to our question is here. Maybe someone else had the same wonder before you? If not, fill out the form below with your question, thanks.


Most asked questions

To start create an app , simply buy one of our subscription to get started. As soon as we have set up your account, we will send you all the nessessary credentials to log in (within 24 hours).

Within hours can you have your app ready to publish thanks to the images, content and other elements ready to use. However it of course depends on how prepered you are and how deep you which to explore the customization possibilities our app builder offers.

You can get in touch with our support whenever you need to. There are several user guides as well for you to follow and get instructions. Moreover we are uploading video tutorials constantly on how to manage our app builder.

A native app is an app built with the native language of the device on which it will be installed. Android and iOS Apps build with our app builder is 100 % native.

PWA stands for progressive web app and operates within a browser and therefore combines the best of two worlds.Our PWA offers the best user experience on all devices – mobile, desktop, tablet and laptop.

You pay just as long time as you want. As soon as you no longer wish to continue, stop pay for your subscription and your account will be closed.

As mentioned above, the account will no longer be function. To reactivate it, you simply need to resubscribe. As long as you have a history of at least one month paid subscription your project will be stored for one year. After that it will be permanently deleted.

There are additional fees for publishing the app to the marketplaces Google Play and iTunes AppStore. Google play cost $25 and iTunes AppStore $99 per year. We charge $299 for the publishing process to iTunes AppStore

You can build one App. 1 subscription = 1 application. However you will be able to publish this app on several plattforms (web, iOS and Android)

Yes. Our engineers work to ensure that your App operates with no problems with the phones operating system.

This is an online service which allows you to create your app, publish it and update the content to interact with your user and clients. All this with no starting costs at all – from zero! Everything is hosted and served with new features daily. You benetit from these innovations automaticly as long as you have a subscription

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